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What to Bring

Chitwan is located in terai region so summer time is very and winter is slight cold. Bring some natural jungle color clothes for jungle activities. If you want to see wildlife then brings camera and..

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Things to Do in Chitwan

You can many wildlife activities as well as cultural activities in chitwan. If you love to do trekking, you also can so few days trekking in chitwan also. Especially people come to visit chitwan to ..

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Culture in Chitwan

The biggest ethnic group called tharu is living in chitwan and they have their own culture. Culturally they are very rich. They believe Hindu religion but they slightly different culture than other ..

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People of Chitwan

Nepali is the country of unity in diversity. Not only the landscape, culture but people too. There is many several caste people live in same place with harmony. In the past there are only Tharu trib..

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Best Time to Go in Chitwan

Chitwan national park is the first and best national park in Nepal. You can visit any season and can enjoy your holiday with wild animal and natural atmosphere. In different season, you can enjoy di..

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Getting into Chitwan

The best thing getting in to chitwan is by tourist bus. There are several tourist buses from Kathmandu and Pokhara. It will take 5-6 hours by bus to chitwan. You can see beautiful scenario of mounta..

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