Getting into Chitwan

The best thing getting in to chitwan is by tourist bus. There are several tourist buses from Kathmandu and Pokhara. It will take 5-6 hours by bus to chitwan. You can see beautiful scenario of mountain and river from the bus journey. If you would like to fly to chitwan, it takes 20 minutes flight from Kathmandu and pokhara and 30 minutes from airport to the hotel. During flight you can see beautiful view of mountain. If you are coming from Lumbini, There are several public buses from Bhairaha to Narayangath or up to tandi. From narayangath it is 20 km far and from tandi it is 6 km far. You will get public bus or van to the hotel. If you would like to do day rafting and visit to chitwan national park, you can do 3 hours rafting on the way to chitwan from Kathmandu and get bus to chitwan.